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IEEE 802.11b WLAN AP Router

This integrated access device combines Internet gateway functions with wireless LAN and Fast Ethernet switch. Designed for the business and home, it saves you the cost of installing a separate modem and ISP line for each computer, while providing ready connection for the users, with or without the network wires.
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Product highlights :
  • Allows multiple users to access the Internet at the same time by providing maximum Internet utilization to multiple users, sharing a single public IP Address.
  • Supports 64/128-bit WEP wireless data encryption to secure wireless communcation
  • Supports PPPoE protocal
  • Supports DHCP server/client for IP configuration
  • Web-base interface for easy management
  • Built-in NAT firewall to protect your PCs from outside intruders
  • Supports virtural server mapping
  • Supports packet filtering
  • Supports access control setting
  • Supports 4 10/100Base-TX auto-sensing switching ports
  • Ethernet to wireless LAN bridge for wire-to wireless data transfer